The Palace Beast / 궁궐의 맹
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Authors: Jeong oneul
Artists: Hanyeon
Genres: Historical , Romance , Wuxia , Fantasy
Original language: Korean
Official status: Ongoing

The princess, knew she possessed exceptional abilities but understood she would never be queen and wished to live a peaceful life alongside her maid.

However, a neighboring kingdom coveted their current kingdom and secretly plotted against them. The prince, perceiving the princess as a threat, took action against her maid, causing the maid to disappear.

Living in a palace filled with deception and manipulation, the moment they harmed the maid who genuinely cared for her, the princess transformed into an extraordinary serpent. She surpassed her own limitations in order to protect her cherished companion, yearning to become a dragon capable of defending her loved one with unmatched power.

"The princess will unite the three kingdoms."

In a realm established through the gods' benevolence and the dragon's goodwill, where abilities tainted by human greed and was cursed by the dragon exist, a war that was prophesied is on the brink of starting.

As the prophecy approaches its fulfillment, Can she really become queen?

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